Rapberry Pi

YEY! I was one of the first to get my hands on the Raspberry Pi! If you don’t know what it is, it is basically a tiny computer the size of a credit card (or train ticket) that is very light weight and pretty cheap. It was made with the goal of teaching young kids to program. My first impressions are good, I mean I got a hands on at Farnell/Element 14’s promo event. There, the guy (Eben) taught some kid who didn’t really know what was going on (or thats what it looke like from where I was sitting) and I was sat there like, “I do not know python, help”. But the day was good, the guy seemed shocked when I was HTMLing and the sorts. The BBC interviewed me and they asked “so what do you think is best about the Raspberry PI”. My response was “the fact that it is so portabe, it enables kids to go share their work with friends!” After having a mess about with it at home, I found out that Python is a very easy programming language indeed. So here we are, I think Raspberry Pi have started a revolution. Now more and more kids will have the same passion for programming as I do, meaning more creativity. The possibilities are endless. Bravo Rasberry Pi Foundation. www.raspberrypi.org